Seven Ways to Make Most of Your Weekend :)

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You know that feeling? The weeklong anticipation for the weekend that disappears the minute the weekend actually starts? Yep, most of us experience it and it’s because the weekend always gets over faster than the week! So, what can be done to make the weekend seem a productive one?

Step 1: Spend less time with your gadgets
Time always flies when we sit with our television, iPads, phones, game player, and so on. These suck all of the time from our weekends. Instead, finish off your work with these gadgets by Friday. Use your phone less, too. Instead, visit a friend, some relative or just spend time for yourself!

Step 2: Chores come first
Yes, I agree. Doing chores is the worst part of the weekend and most often we procrastinate to the maximum. How about this? Finish your chores such as washing, cleaning, dusting, ironing before a certain time in the morning. Say, around 8-10 am? That way, you’ll have more time over the weekend to do as you please without the annoying thought of pending chores.

Step 3: Wake up soon
Sleeping-in on Saturday and Sunday is but the most anticipated part of the weekend, but the late start to the day makes things drag and our day miserable. Try waking up at the same time that you usually do on ta work-day or maybe even earlier. Go to bed early on Friday if you want or sleep in on a Saturday when you’re dead beat. The rest of the time, rise and shine!

Step 4: Groceries and Bills
Take the time out on a Saturday morning to pay your bills and also do your grocery shopping. If you can do this on Friday while returning from work, then good for you! Do it! Don’t procrastinate. Keep a fixed time on Saturday mornings to get your groceries but go before the afternoon. This saves you from getting caught in the afternoon heat or searching for a parking spot. Have an empty night during the week? Do all the paper work then and save yourself more time in the weekend.

Step 5: The Weekend Plan
Mark out your activities for the weekend on a calendar. This way you have a plan and by sticking to it the weekend will seem longer and nicer. Pick things out that you’d like to do with yourself, your family and/or your friends. You could:

  1. Catch a movie – Go to the movie theatre. This change in ambiance will do wonders to make your weekend seem more enjoyable.
  2. Catch a meal with friends and/or family: Quality time spent with the right people…Can anything else be better than this?
  3. Read a book – Pick up that paperback that you’ve been wanting to read for a while. Read it and while you’re at it, don’t touch your gadgets!
  4. Sports – Whether you are a sports buff or not, try and include some kind of sporting activity once in a while. This will not be fun but is also quite healthy.
  5. Watch a Play – Go out and catch a theatre performance. The experience will keep you happy and content over the weekend.
  6. Visit Places: Pick one place to visit and spend time at every weekend. This could be a zoo, a museum, a park, an exhibition, a mall… Anywhere. But make it a place that you’re visiting for the first time.

Step 6: The Weekend Trip
Go away, leave your city, for one weekend every two months. The place should be one that you can visit within two days and get the maximum out of the journey. A rather mini vacation, if you will. Nevertheless, something that you can look forward to and one that rarely disappoints in making your weekend seem longer. Travel, explore, enjoy and learn!

Step 7: Television
Sometimes all that we want to do over the weekend is binge watch. Go ahead. Do it. But, finish off all the other things that you need to do first and then, spend your time watching sitcoms and movies on your television of laptop. The fact that you’ve finished your chores will help you enjoy the shows and movies better and give you a sense of having spent some time in setting your affairs right. While you watch, get things ready for the Monday and also, for the entire new week, maybe. This is put an end to the blues on Monday morning.

These 7 things can be done if you put your mind to it and the weekend will seem longer and more enjoyable. Returning to work the following Monday will no longer seem a Herculean task and you’ll continue to have a fantabulous week!


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