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Apollo Space Shuttle Rocket Shaped USB Lamp for Geekz and Style Conscious Techies. This LED lamp can be used as a reading lamp, bed light, flash light and table lamp.

Material: ABS + PS
Light Source: LED (0.5 WX3)
Power: built-in battery (DC5V, ma, 700)
Charging: Power adapter (DV5V, ma, 500) to alternating current (ac) or USB connect power charging switch

* For the first time please recharge the battery for 6 hours using the USB charging power supply
* Never charge the battery more than 12 hours in a row or the battery life will be affected
* when not in use for a long time, should be full of electricity storage, each store after 3 months should complement the electric one.
* Do not use when charging as it may decrease the life of LED lights.
* Avoid using the LED lamp in high temperature or humid environment
Package Include:
1 x Light
1 x USB cable charger


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