Mantras for Positive Work-Life

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“Positive” if you have this eight letter work within you, nothing is impossible. Agree? Am sure you will! This very word can do wonders,it can make you from zero to a hero. Well! When this magical word is applied in your workplace,you will be amazed by the results and productivity it gets along. Let’s go ahead and see how to be more positive at our place and get most out of us.

Healthy body, sound mind: A healthy and relaxed body by itself gets charged up brings in all positive energy. Do not get lazy to exercise  at least 30 minutes a day. You’ll feel the difference all by yourself.

  1. Arrive early to work: this is so important, always arrive early to your work so that you get time to analyse and prioritise your tasks. Late arrival will only lead to confusion and messing up your schedule.
  2. Plan your day: since you arrive early to work list down all your deliverables for the day. Prioritise your work and work accordingly. Clear, crisp and easy.
  3. Communication: This one’s golden of all. It’s really important to communicate among your team mates. It builds up unity and makes you more productive.
  4. Proper utilisation of time: make sure that you utilise your time efficiently. If no, there shall be no point in arriving early. Do not get into time eating discussions or hooked over unnecessary calls. Those can kill your precious time.
  5. Adapt to changes: welcome and adapt changes at your work. Do not resist to changes. Nothing in this world is constant, we need to change to grow and move up the ladder. Be open and be positive to change.
  6. Support: Recognise and support your mates at your workplace. Break those big egobergs and appreciate each other to grow and be productive. synergize! Ask for help when required.
  7. Work on your improvement points: take your criticism positively. List down those improvement areas and work hard towards it.
  8. Meetings: schedule meetings and knowledge exchange sessions to be on same pace and page. Discussions and meetings to meet the deadline will raise the spirits high and result in timely deliverables unless planned efficiently.
  9. Compassion: treat your fellow mates with compassion. Negative people are everywhere and for some reason. Stay positive towards them.
  10. Holiday: To refresh yourself make sure to plan a holiday quite often. Take a break from work and heavy schedule and set off to a peaceful and relaxing weekend. It builds more positive energy ever.

There you go! If you have reached this far of my article am sure you are on fire to get bursting that positively out .aren’t you? Get set go……….

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