How to strike a work-life balance?

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My father always says that it is only ideal to “work while you need to work and play when you need to play” and sometimes, I wonder if that adage holds true. All of us have a million things to do every day and sometimes, those things may not even be all that interesting to us. We may have no choice but to do them. Try as we might to do them efficiently but, we may falter and then, one incomplete work will soon add on to another and voila- we have too much to do in too little time! Naturally, just when we have a lot of official work to complete, we’d want to do things that are fun!   No amount of snarling, biting, pleading with your inner self would do it, and bam- We end up doing what we want to, instead of what we have to!

Once that’s done, the lost time and the pending work load will hit us like a freight train that caught tossed in a tsunami! Boy, would that make things much worse than before. To compensate, we’ll work ourselves to an inch away from death and still end up dissatisfied. That’s not good. So, what do we do to avoid all this unnecessary exhaustion and tension? There must be a way to make all this better!

Tips :

  • Aim for perfection : Reach the right destination and make sure you’re perfect at it.
  • Excerise and meditate : Exercise helps to loosen your muscles and keeps your body relaxed. Meditation pumps up the body, giving it more energy and lift up your mood to work more and more.

Do what you can : Obviously, time management is the main thing that we need to address here. Sure, it is always easy to say “I’ll do all this today, that tomorrow and those, the day after!” No doubt, some will keep their word, most might not. Now, what? Leaving aside the time spent in official places- schools, colleges, offices, etc., we could try this: working in bouts of 30 mins. The idea is to do some work, whatever that needs to be done within that time, then take a short break. Break time could see us doing something that we want to (reading, a quick exercise or take a power nap and so on). Initially, this will be rather hard but, there’s no harm in trying, is there? So, try it and what do you know, maybe this way, the work will be done quicker leaving us more time to indulge in our interests. After all, petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid! (Little by little, the bird builds it’s nest).

Tips :

  • Schedule your daily workload : When you plan your week, make sure you follow it. Making a schedule is easy, but as the title says “ Do what you can “ must be followed. If you can follow the schedule, do it. Else not. Try try. One day you will sure achieve it.
  • Do not over relax : Few people sit down for relaxing themselves. But it’s too late when you realise that you have wasted lots of time by relaxing and piling up your work. So while relaxing, make sure you have set an alarm or reminder to remind you.

Do what you love : Another thing that we all need to do is to do what we love. By that, I mean the work front. When the work is the same as one’s passion, the work will not seem a burden. As a result, time spent on “working” will no longer be a task to win over and might even be time well spent. Now is where most of us would have to make a choice. The choice between job satisfaction and financial satisfaction. Of course, some of us are blessed with both but most, are not. So, we take up work that might not mean much to us; well, other than as a source of income, that is. Choosing a career in a field that interests us is perhaps that best way we can hit the perfect work-life balance. Yes, money might not come in as much or as fast as we might want it to, but at least we’d be doing what we love. Doing what we love is what makes life all that much more beautiful. So, be wise and pick right.

A while back, I read a novel called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. According to the author, positive thinking is the key to everything.

If you were to think that :

  1. a) You will finish all the work you have
  2. b) You’ll do a really good job with them,
  3. c) you’ll finish the work and also manage to do all the things that you love, you will do them all.

Hold it! You can do all that only if you believe. You need to believe in yourself and all that you want to do. For after all, you are the secret ingredient! Believe in it, work on it and trust me, the perfect work-life balance will be yours in no time!

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