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Whoever said the geeks shall inherit the earth was probably a geek themselves, what they did not care to mention is Why an When? It’s pretty simple geeks already own the world today. Serious! No Jokes, from the innovation they dare to pursue to the creative streak they bring to it technology which has the potential to change the world is already being rolled out by leaps and bounds. Geeks are indeed in the driving seat. Their own differential thinking is what makes everything happen, roll and fire up.

So – needless to say it’s pretty cool being a geek! From phones which do everything in addition to making calls, to cars which drive themselves, to gaming consoles which make you think you’re there fighting, to pads and laptops which run the world – there is a geek somewhere, everywhere behind these tools. Not only have geeks taken over the technology arena, they have also taken over what the imagination is capable of building.

In reality geeks work towards materializing thoughts, crazy ideas and way out aspirations. Think the late Steve Jobs, the inventor of the electric car Elon Musk, and then move to other avenues where geeks have a foothold already. Face it! You might be cool but you’re not cool enough to be a geek. This week Toshiba rolled out a bike which runs itself, an electric robotic motor bike which is capable of navigating itself – needless to say the possibilities are endless and present themselves almost instantly. While geeks work on improving our lives and change the social architecture of what was acceptable and is in a constant shift now the discussions around it and the implications can be endless. is THE hangout for geeks and others who want to be geeks. We list clothing which any geek would be proud to adorn and products, accessories and gadgets which would make their mum’s proud! Visit us today and get yourself introduced to the Geek Life!

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