Digital Detox is a Reality

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My dad is hooked on to checking for the latest gadgets, my mom needs to watch that cookery show everyday at noon, my wife checks WhatsApp on every chance she gets, my sister can’t have enough of Facebook and even my little one can’t do a day without YouTube. What’s happening? No this does not run in just one family, this is a story of every house. I wish I could get that car from the science fiction movie ‘Back to the future’, go back in time and convince Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg not do what they were up to for a greater good. Seriously guys I miss those days when we used to have power cuts and I was the happiest kid in the world – Guess why? Ha ha ya I do not have to do homework. And the whole family used to get around and chat until the lights come back.

The digital revolution has rewritten the concept of addiction, it is no longer just associated with drugs, cigarettes and liquor. A recent survey on US workforce, published in the Huffington Post revealed that millennials spend 6.3 hours a day checking their emails. This includes checking for personal and work emails both. Another interesting fact unveiled by Statista (a popular statistics company), on an average people check their mobile phones 150 times a day. And sometimes when you forget to carry your mobile phone, you feel like you have almost lost a life partner – this is not an exaggeration but we must have experienced this at least once. CNN reported in November 2015 that teens are spending an average of 9 hours a day on social media. Is this not alarmingly insane? where are we headed to?

Accepting that we have a problem first is half the solution to the problem itself. So those who agree that we are somehow becoming slaves to technology should find ways to relieve the stress which is being built up consciously or subconsciously. So what do we do? Yes we need to cleanse ourselves or in other terms detox from the effects and addiction of electronic devices. How can we do this? Well there are couple of things which might work for you.

Digital Detox Tactic 1: Lucky are those who have grandparents who do not have wifi and better are those where there is a limited mobile network connectivity… Go spend a weekend with them and also stay away from the internet. You will feel the difference in your energy levels and stress will definitely take a beatout. Also see how smart your smartphone really is without the internet, ha ha I bet you won’t use it more than 30 min.

Digital Detox Tactic 2: One day in a week, go out to the beach if you live in a coastal town or go to a place where there are a lot of trees, somewhere close to nature. Try avoid the malls and cinemas, they are crowded places and also gives you the stress when the credit card bill arrives to haunt you next month.

Digital Detox Tactic 3: Some people follow a diet program in which you are required to eat just fruits and juices for a day. I am not sure if this is a great idea but try combining something else with this – turn off your mobile phone or lock it away somewhere safe for a day. Get used to it and Wallah! you will be a happier person.

Digital Detox Tactic 4: Stop reading this article and spend time with your family or at least give some rest to your eyes ha ha 🙂

Let’s not make this article any bigger now, but feel free to try out what works best for you to relieve you from all those years of stress caused by technology and the devices which come with it. Stay healthy and keep technology in its limits to strike that perfect balance.

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