10 Workstation Exercises to Keep Your Muscles Moving !‏

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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ” we all are Jack’s in today’s world. Most of us!! Aren’t we? We hardly get time to include a simple fitness regime in our routine. Boy! was so packed up with work today, just can’t wait to hit the bed. Where’s the time to move those muscles and joints? This very routine of work, eat, and sleep will definitely make all our Jack’s dull and lazy. Well, while you are still seated with your bums glued to your seats and millions of thoughts and ideas running all over your head you can follow these simple workstation exercises to keep those muscles moving. Let’s see some simple DESKERCISES to keep those muscles flexible…

Tap the toes: Stand in front of a small trashcan and lift up those legs to tap the toes on its edge, alternating feet. This will give a good stretch in your leg muscles and help your muscles relax.

Walk-up for your health: Avoid  elevators as much as you can! Wanna elevate the heart rate? Take the stairs! Take two at a time every other flight for a real leg burn..

Spot jog: Yep! Right there, take a mini break for a stationary jog. One minute jog might look funny to your colleagues, try pulling them in for this healthy activity. Rather make it a group activity,it will be healthy fun.

Walk the talk: Try to get off your seat often, move around the cubicles, take a stroll down the hall to catch up with co-workers or welcome a new employee. Or, instead of dialing extensions and sending lazy emails to the manager two doors down, put in some face show.

Raise your legs: While seated, straighten one or both legs and hold in place for five or more seconds. Then lower the leg(s) back to the ground without letting the feet touch the floor. Repeat (alternating legs if raising them separately) for 15 reps.

Twist and turn: Twist and rotate those ankles and wrists in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction to make those joints smooth and flexible. Gently rotate your neck the same way.

The fist pump: Fist punch into the air like a champ (alternating arms, of course), and continue for 60 seconds or more.

Silent squeeze: To start toning, simply squeeze the buttocks, hold for 5-10 seconds, and release. Repeat until the agenda wraps up or the glutes tire. The results will be uplifting in more ways than one.

Try small stretches: Exercises like knee extensions help you to relax those muscles and bring some flexibility.

Stand up periodically: Don’t just glued to your seats without any movements. Stand up often and raise your toes to relax and moving.

A program pioneered by Groppel and piloted for three months at the New Balance shoe company’s locations in Boston and Lawrence, Mass. The program, which ran from mid-January to mid-April, encouraged roughly 750 employees to integrate some form of physical activity into their routines every 30 minutes. Of the 239 who completed a post-program survey, 53 percent said they increased their level of physical activity at work and 42 percent reported heightened engagement and concentration.

This methodology is helping people understand that movement in the workplace relates not only to physical fitness but also to intellectual performance.

Wow! Amazing, isn’t it? Just embrace this very culture of physical fitness at workplace and see how in turn it elevates your performance, productivity and intelligence.

Happy working!

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